“I am not a hostage, there is hope in every breath”

We’d like to share with you, ‘Poisoned’, our first ever single and video in 23 years of Arena! The song was penned in homage of loved ones lost to illness and (more specifically) to cancer.

To coincide with the release of the video and single we are calling on fans, followers and newcomers alike to commemorate anyone lost to them who has represented an important part of their lives. Join in with the #arenapoisoned campaign by posting on social media with a picture and name of someone important in your life who has passed on, using the hashtag #arenapoisoned. We are planning to collate the photographs and create a montage of the pictures in a forthcoming vinyl version of ‘Double Vision’ – something special for posterity that will immortalise the loved ones of our fanbase and extended community.

Please share the video and your special photos and pass on the message.

The Visitor Vinyl

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