Kylan Amos:

“Arena are happy to welcome bassist Kylan Amos into the fold. Kylan appeared with the band at Leamington recently and gelled very well with the guys. He will play on the new album and you will see him in action on the next tour!”

New Album and Tour News:

We can confirm that a brand new album will be written and released early in 2015! The release of our eighth studio album will be followed by a tour scheduled for the beginning of 2015.  In 2015 we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Songs From The Lions Cage. We would like to play as many gigs as possible in 2015 and asks for your suggestions. Please send the venue of your choice in your local area to and they will try to fit it into a tour.

Clive: “Next year marks the 20th anniversary of Arena, and we are planning a substantial tour to celebrate this event. To coincide with this tour we are releasing a new studio album. This album is being written over the next few months and will be recorded later this year. It will be a concept album loosely based on an M.R. James horror story, with plenty of strong themes and dark drama… Pure, classic Arena!