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In response to our question about the demand for a special 2-disc version of Contagion we have received many enthusiastic replies. We really appreciate this show of support and it encourages us to take the next step towards releasing it! However, because we have not quite received the required numbers to make ends meet, it is vital that you pre-order the album in advance, to fund the production of the album. Many of you have already indicated you are willing to do so, but we have to ask you to confirm this with an unequivocal ‘YES’ before we can proceed.

What do you get: the two disc version of Contagion, with the EP-tracks inserted in the correct places in the concept, in a special digipack with full artwork and 28 page booklet, that includes all the lyrics. Furthermore, pre-orders get their copy signed by the original Contagion band members Clive Nolan, Mick Pointer and John Mitchell! The price for this special package will be £20 plus postage. There have been suggestions for a 5.1 mix and vinyl version as well, but given the overall response these will not be part of this package.

What do we ask: first, to simply mail ‘YES’ to as soon as possible if you are indeed willing to pre-order the album through Verglas. Next step is the actual pre-order, we will send more information about that if step 1 has gone well.

We really need enough confirmations to make this release possible!

So it’s in your hands… Take a leap of faith and thank you for your support through all these years!!