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The Visitor is a concept album built around an idea Clive had while being abroad. The mind-boggling concept behind it has resulted in some pretty dark lyrics and intense musical fireworks. No more epics like Solomon or Sirens on the first albums, but an album being an epic in itself, consisting of relatively short songs telling a story (although many people consider The Hanging Tree the epic of the album) and building towards a climax.

All of this accompanied by stunning artwork, designed by Hugh Syme (famous for his work with amongst others Rush, Fates Warning and Megadeth), that helps you to get in the right mood. Artwork like artwork should be. Individual highlights of the album are A Crack In The Ice and The Hanging Tree. Needless to say, The Visitor is highly acclaimed everywhere and a successful tour followed, during which Paul proved to be a great actor by impersonating the characters from the booklet of The Visitor.

Released in 1998
Produced by Clive Nolan and Simon Hanhart (Assisted by Mike Stobbie)
Recorded & Mixed at Thin Ice Studios, Surrey
Mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Chris Blair
Art & Design by Hugh Syme

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