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Are you interested in buying our Albums on Vinyl?

We’re always getting asked if we will release all our albums on Vinyl, well, we’d like to and you can help make that happen.  Producing Vinyl is a big undertaking in time and cost and there are minimum orders that need to be placed.  We’re not looking to pledge any money or pay for the vinyl at this stage, we’re just trying to  gauge actual demand and if there is enough interest to make it feasible.

This is a big undertaking on our behalf so we’d like to see if there is sufficient demand first!

As stated – we’re not taking any money at this stage, all we’re asking is whether you’d like to buy one or more – or all of the albums on vinyl. Fill out the form below to register and let us know which albums you’d like, when we get enough interest we’ll be in touch with you to guide you further and keep you in touch with the order process and timescales.

Below are mockups of each of our studio albums and a form to register your interest. Thank you!

Songs From The Lions Cage : 2x180g Opaque Yellow Vinyl Discs

Pride : 2x180g Opaque Red Vinyl Discs

The Visitor : 2x180g Opaque Dark Green Vinyl Discs

Immortal : 2x180g Transparent Green Vinyl Discs

Contagion : 2x180g Transparent Blue Vinyl Discs

Peppers Ghost : 2x180g Opaque Purple Vinyl Discs

Seventh Degree of Separation : 2x180g Opaque Silver Vinyl Discs

The Unquiet Sky : 2x180g Transparent Red Vinyl Discs

Double Vision : 2x180g Opaque Gold Vinyl Discs

Select the album you’d be interested in buying on Vinyl, we’ll add you to the mailing list and keep you in touch with the latest news and next steps for ordering. All albums will be Gatefold, Inlay sleeves with 2 coloured 180g discs, and will be £40 each plus P&P

By signing up for more information on each of the albums, we'll add you to the mailing list for that specific album (and if you select more than 1 then you'll be added to all the lists you have selected). You'll receive a confirmation email from us to make sure you're happy to be added, once you've confirmed, we'll add you to the list and keep you in touch!

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